Orquesta Calle Sol

Orquesta Calle Sol is a group of professional musicians from Miami that represents a joyful tribute to the “Golden Years” of salsa, the 70’s and 80’s. This 11-piece band was formed by musicians; Raúl Fiestas and Julio Llerena, who shared a deep admiration for salsa legends like Héctor Lavoe, Willie Colón, Rubén Blades, Ismael Rivera, El Gran Combo, and others. After playing for many different bands they decided to create their own ensemble with classic salsa songs as the main repertoire. The band was named Calle Sol, and just like in those early records by Lavoe and Colón, it would have a brass section of only trombones, singers and musicians from different countries came along and soon after they were playing in Miami and having a ball on stage! Having fun was one of the band’s goals from the get-go and audiences can still feel that vibe! Bringing back the classic salsa songs proved to fit an audience avid to listen to that music live.

Orquesta Calle Sol has played events, festivals, and parties at venues all over South Florida, including Miami’s hottest and newest clubs. They are an absolute joy to watch and Salsa to.