Silent Disco

One of the most exciting entertainment concepts that has come around in years is called Silent Disco, this is a very fun and unique way of creating a very silent entertainment experience for your guests. We provide you with Illuminated Headphones that feature up to 3 separate channels for up to 3 separate DJs or Music Sources. Our very talented DJs will deliver today’s favorite music from Disco to EDM, from Rock n’ Roll to sing-along Classic Rock tracks that will get everyone singing at the top of their lungs. Take a room full of people and arm each of them with a set of our wireless, multi- channel headphones and watch the joy, with half the room singing “Don’t Stop Believin’” and the other performing the “Cupid Shuffle, take your headphones off and experience even more weirdness that happens as you watch a group of people move and sing to a track only they can hear, Silent Disco is one of the most enjoyable and entertaining ways of entertaining your guests at any type of event.