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Ellison Kendrick & the Black Suits

Born in Miami Beach, Florida of Jamaican American decent Ellison Kendrick realized at an early age that music and entertainment would always be a part of his life. Like most R&B artists, as a youth he was raised in church and an active lead vocalist of the choir. As a teen, Ellison was the lead singer of a group, which released an album and 2 singles, one reached number 21 on the R&B charts. He was eventually signed as a solo artist by R&B legend Betty Wright’s (Ms. B Records) and toured as a backing vocalist for Betty Wright. He also is the former male backing singer for Grammy Award Winner; Joss Stone (Albums & Live) and is also a voting member of the Grammy Academy (Miami Chapter). Ellison would later sign with EKG records which one single was released, his dynamic career has led to him working with various artists such as international artist; Enrique Iglesias and Hip Hop artist DMX. He wrote and released his single “BLACK SUIT”, which charted on Billboard single sales chart at number 11 and has become the name of the band that he now fronts. His diverse portfolio also includes completing a jingle for Coca Cola (Columbia) and Nestle. Kendrick made a unique crossover into acting and makes an appearance in a movie called “PreJudge Us” as a news reporter, while tackling his role in front of the camera he was also working behind the scene creating the song called “Hurt and Heal” for the “Prejudge Us” sound track. Now this incredible talent continues to perform around the world as Ellison Kendrick & the Black Suits.