Mike Sipe Entertainment, Events & Productions is Green!

Ask us about our “Sustainability” efforts.

The following model for sustainability operations and practices in our company and industry is making significant strides in several key areas. These four overarching sustainability goals are – climate neutrality, zero solid waste, electrical reduction and principled practice. Mike Sipe Entertainment, Events & Productions has taken serious interest in reducing consumption, maximizing efficiency and rethinking products and actions.

Climate Neutrality: With DPF (Diesel Particle Filter) Ceramic Exhaust Trucks, Co2 emission pollution is drastically cut by collecting and burning soot before it is released into the atmosphere or ozone. We have further implemented a “No-Idling” policy on all Mike Sipe cars, vans and trucks at our warehouses, event spaces and venues during loading, unloading and wait times.

Zero Solid Waste: Mike Sipe Entertainment Events & Productions along with its sister company Pure Energy Entertainment have reduced by 85% plastic party favor consumptions and wrappings, pledging to eliminate its use completely by 2020 from all coming of age events.
All office staff is being held to strict recycling procedures of personal waste when on company time.
We have transition to Shure Microphones that utilize rechargeable batteries eliminating the use of disposable batteries.
When replacing, printer drums and ink cartridges are mailed back to supplier for recycling of product and a continuous cycle of zero waste is established.
All new office leads are digitally inputted into our system for internal use and records. Paper lead sheets have been done away with to minimize use of paper by up to 75% and thus in the process, reducing the amount of Ink Cartridges being ordered and recycled.

Principle Practice: Mike Sipe Entertainment Events & Productions believes its value of sustainability should be expressed in the way the company staff operates and by the way, people engage with it. We have adopted the Truck Pool method of delivering our equipment in the most methodical way, utilizing one truck to deliver to two even, three events with proper planning. Our Logistic department has happily taken on this task and the results are fewer trucks on the road at any one given time. Planning is drafted on a Whiteboard to eliminate paper waste and use refillable ink dry/erase markers. Truck tires, brake pads, oil and oil filter replacements have been drastically minimized by this method making for a huge positive impact in our environment.

Electrical Reduction: Mike Sipe Entertainment, Events and Productions took steps to ensure that all light sources in the office building are fluorescent, accounting for a large reduction in electrical consumption and traditional Halogen bulb waste.
All office lighting is turned off during non-operating hours, as are computers and all A/V devices.
AC units are mandated to be set at 78 degrees during off business hours.
All Theatrical Lighting used at event productions has been transitioned to LED Lighting no longer incorporating Halogen bulbs. The difference is visible in loading 1- 20-amp circuit, with 20 – 25 lights where in the past it was 4-5 Halogen bulbs to one circuit.
We forecast that in the coming year or two, all our LED Lighting will be battery operated with rechargeable internal batteries where a 3-hour charge will give you 8-10 hours of performance covering 2-3 events on one charge. This will cut electrical up-light consumption by up to 50%.