Steve Skins

Steve “Skins” Kornicks is one of South Florida’s most versatile and talented hand percussionists, he is a player of many styles including but not limited to Rock, R&B, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Hip-Hop, House, Trance, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, African and World Beat. Steve “Skins” is capable of performing solo with tracks, with acoustic performers, entire bands for “groove supplementation” and he is a favorite amongst some of the biggest names in the Disc Jockey industry adding to any musical style. Steve’s approach to performing when working alongside a DJ is as if he was recording the percussion tracks in the studio for the artist. Tasteful, complimentary, good ear, mesmerizing and enhancing are all words that have been used to describe Steve’s playing.

Steve “Skins”  also leads his own group “Barkless Dawgs” a unique blend of music that creates the perfect social setting.  Two acoustic guitars perform with the percussion skills of Steve “Skins”   make any event a relaxing one.  They specialize in providing “background music with a groove” for intimate dinners, galleries, and cocktail receptions.