Pete Perez

Pete Perez began his journey in the DJ scene at the young age of 14. Born and raised in Miami, growing up, his ear had been culturally fine-tuned to understand the many genres of music played in the cities melting pot of clubs and bars. Transitioning into high school, he began playing their homecomings, proms, and fellow students’ private events. It wasn’t until graduation where he truly started to unravel playing at some of Miami’s hottest spots at the time including Metropolis, Nocturnal, Opa’s, Moes, Space and Cameo to name a few. Understanding the crowd is what ultimately makes Pete shine. From 70’s disco to 80’s freestyle, from 90’s hip-hop to today’s biggest hits, from salsa to reggaeton. You want it, he’s got it and more importantly, knows when to play it to keep the dance floor hot.