Motivational Rhythm


Let Willie Stewart show you how to turn bangs into beats, beats into rhythm and rhythm into music. Willie Stewart aims to contribute to ‘solutions’ in world harmony, by reducing stress levels on a magnitude through the cumulative nature of corporate organizations, large groups and gatherings and also individual resonation of music – drums.

By bringing groups together in a harmonic gathering, one-by-one, group-by-group, corporation-by-corporation, a unified stress relief is encountered through the rhythmic beat of drumming.

Through this corporate team-building and communication improvements, drumming workshops lead to interaction and musical interplay where an easy, light, benevolent energy blossoms that harnesses group and individual humanity with fun! Healing begins.

He uses music as an art form to provide workshops that improve the well being of the body and mind and soul thereby healing the heart beat of the organization.

Keep Your Company’s Heart on the Beat of Success!