Keith Kilpatrick

Master of Ceremony Keith Kilpartick is a charismatic Speaker, experienced in customized scripts, teleprompter reading and adlibs. With a witty knack for impromptu scenarios, Keith can make even the most harden critic smile without being cheesy.
Height: 5’8″ Eyes: Blue Weight: 175 lbs. Hair: Brown

PROFESSIONAL MC: Keith was born in Sunny South Florida and has been a Professional Master of Ceremonies since 1991. Playing music was a passion that quickly evolved into a DJ career that led to verbally facilitating events. MC Keith progressed from making mix tapes to booking parties and finally offering services as V.O.G (Voice of God) at numerous corporate events. Keith took a break from his role as DJ and MC from 1992-1996 to serve his country with the United States Air Force. After his enlistment allowed, he was back providing his services in the corporate world scene. Keith has performed at The Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Martini Bar, The Beach Place, Cocowalk and Devito’s on South Beach, as well as many other prominent locations for Corporate events. Keith has two wonderful children and a family that are his driving force. He is someone who really enjoys what he does and an intricate part of creating wonderful experiences for small to large groups. MC Keith strives to make every event a positive and memorable experience with ease in planning, delivery and execution.

Program Announcer
Disc Jockey
Master of Ceremonies
Party Host for Social & Corporate Events and Galas Volunteer MC at Fundraisers and Charities

United States Airforce
Public Speaking and Vocal Training

CPR, First Aid, Event Facilitator, Event Planning & Team building Development.

Traveling, Fitness, Movies, and DJ’ing, Spending time with his daughter’s, playing sports