Karaoke Live

The word karaoke is derived of two separate Japanese words; Kara, which means empty and okesutora which translates to orchestra in English. Translated it means empty track, or music minus the vocal track. Karaoke was invented in the late 70’s and has achieved International success. Karaoke “Live” takes this phenomenon one step further creating a more Live experience for your guests by offering our Karaoke Band with professional musicians to enhance the experience of fronting your very own band. Imagine YOU are the Rock Star!

Karaoke “Live” includes a 5-Piece Band; the Bandleader will act as your Karaoke Host and facilitate the fun. This package includes a full sound system, Sound Technician and 42″ Lyric Monitor, additional microphones, and percussion. We have a song book to select from or attempt to stump the band.

The Karaoke “Live” All-Star Band can perform before, during or after your event. After your guests perform, the band can create a very fun and festive Dancing Celebration! Anything is possible with this very fun and interactive Band!