Boom! Baby a tribute to the sounds of AM Radio

Boom! Baby a tribute to the sounds of AM Radio…

Let’s huddle around our transistor radios, drop the needle on our favorite stack of vinyl records, and play “mixtapes” made by that high school crush back in the day. We invented an era of music from the soundtrack of our lives that still resonates today in music, movies, and commercials.

Craig Strang, Ginger Salem and Steve Salem of Boom! Baby has crafted a gifted vocal & musical blend that promises a revelrous performance with undeniable musical chemistry while re-birthing a revolution.

Ready for a new kind of “oldie”? Let Boom! Baby share dazzling renditions of songs, harmonious voices and brilliant performances of familiar often obscure tunes & stories of memorable journeys that will tug at your heartstrings and bring back the memories of days gone by. Buckle up and let Boom! Baby take the wheel!