Anna Lisa – Harpist Extraordinaire

Uniquely exciting explains the performances of Anna Lisa as she captures her audiences with her talents on the most elegant and unique of instruments. Though the harp is traditionally a soothing instrument, nowhere else will you see an audience dancing in their seats as she transforms it mid-show to “electrify” the spectators. She performs a broad spectrum of music to appeal to everyone, both on local and international stages. Her style is continuously evolving and is truly one of the most unique acts to ever hit the stage.Anna Lisa has created one of the most unique instruments known today in the musical industry. She has designed and developed the only one of its kind; the first ever Harp Guitar. She performs on this one-of-a-kind instrument in her show, creating a very edgy rock n’ roll style segment that mesmerizes her audiences. Anna Lisa creates an international flare speaking in four languages; English, Japanese, French and Italian, this allows her to understand and embrace any audience.