Alberto Martinez

Alberto Martinez was born in Queens, NY and has been a professional entertainer for over 20years. Alberto is of Puerto Rican decent, also known as a “NewRican”, he and his family moved from NY to sunny South Florida in 1996. While studying to be a Surgical Technologist, one amazing night, Alberto met a group of amazing entertainers at a night club and it would change his life forever!! They introduced him to David Kiernan and Mike Sipe and after that, 20 years later, Alberto is a Partner of Pure Energy Entertainment as well as an accomplished Master of Ceremony, Virtual Host, DJ and Dancer. From his Latin dancing, and hip hop moves on the dance floor, to his personality and whit on a Microphone, Alberto has been Wowing audiences for many years now and continues to be a vital role in the companies Mission and Legacy. While entertaining and raising a family and dogs, Alberto has also accomplished to create The Community Outreach Program, where he provides free MC/DJ service to schools, fundraisers and charities! He accommodates over 200 Events yearly, for over the past 10 years, alongside his regular events, with FREE entertainment all while still managing to build and grow a company alongside his fellow partners and employees. Alberto,“You are the most passionate, charismatic, selfless person I have ever met in the entertainment business. Your drive to create the perfect moment for families to cherish is beyond my imagination. Knowing you for well over 20 years, it’s impressive how you continue to raise the bar. One of your greatest features is your heart. If there is a hurricane you’re the first to offer your home. Never lose that, thank you for doing your part with the community outreach program. Never stop exceeding expectations.” – Joseph Menda (Pure Energy Partner/MC)
So, If you’re looking to Spice up your party, Alberto is the MC for your party!!!

Height: 5’10″
Eyes: Black
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair: Black

Master of Ceremony
Party host for Social & Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Auctions, Zoom Conferences
Virtual Host

Pure Energy
Mike Sipe Entertainment
Watching my parents dance
All natural Latin flavor

Team building management, Event facilitator, Event planning

Anything outdoor, cooking, fitness, his family and dogs!